Starter Packages


Perfect Digital Boutique--$3399


Combo Heat press 8-in-1 ( 1set)
• 6 Colors EPSON Printer (1set)
• CISS(I Set)& 6*500ML sublimation ink
• 1 bags of transfer paper for cotton T shirts (100pcs/bag)
• 5 bags of Sublimation Paper (100pcs/bag)  
• Thermal tape for ceramics  5 rolls
• All kinds of blank sublimation mug  
• Complete operating Manual and Instructions


Please download the specific price list.


With this package you can print transfers to mugs, Plate, T-shirt, Cap, Tiles, Mouse Pads, Key Ring, Puzzle and many more products !


This Project Analysis:
The project's unique manufacturing process combines computer technology, dye- sublimation technology in one, making technology reached the international advanced level. Works with its production of colorful pictures are clear, water wash, wear-resistance can be durable. Suitable for production of all kinds of personalized photo art image, crafts and souvenirs such as, business promotional items, gifts, etc., without initial fee to open house "fashion video standard store," a small capital investment, operating more projects than I will provide equipment, technology, business support , by 1 to 2 days of training posts can be opened. For you to create: true color of metal such as, personalized jewelry such as, cloth impression, personality impression cups, art porcelain, cold porcelain transfer as, art oven, like, so that you have the perfect to be a heat transfer expert!


To do this business you need:
A Computer, a Scanner or Digital camera, a set of Printing Equipment, a Mug Press Machine, a High Voltage flat clamshell press machine, a Plate press machine, a Cap press machine and the blank materials, etc; (Remark: Only EPSON printer machine can be used for)


Clientele of this project:
Personal, Groups, Couples, Students, Children, ect.


To undertake business:
Mirage Cup, Portrait cup, music mug, color changing mug, zodiac mug, travel cup, couple cups, metal cups, glasses, T-shirts, jeans, advertisement T-shirt, mouse pad, baby memorial, birthday commemoration such as, personalized photo image, like the graduation pictures, wedding Imaging on Ceramic Art, celebrity, like great men, travel to commemorate image, interior decoration mural, Agent's license, authorization card, honor medals, commemorative plaque, display card, etc.