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Uncover the secret of huge profit fromReleased Date: 28/07


Ricoh Printer with industrial spray, never blocked, fast speed for printing, high efficiency
and long service life, this is well know among most people.


However, Driven in high profit, Some large enterprises encrypted the chip, meaning while
sells their high profit ink cartridge. One set of cartridge the cost is dozens of dollars, they
actually sell it about US$300.

Even worse, they will never care about customers' benefit. In order to meet their

extremely inflated desire, they will try any ways to entice you to buy the encrypted

printer.Usually,they will sell you the printer first, then they begin to recommend you their high profit inkcartridge, you have no choice. Because they don't accept the return and we are one of thevictims.

Actually, thanks to the trick of sales manager from some large enterprises, he let us know,
if we want to be competitive in the market. We must be try some new ways. Now we've
cooperated with printer manufacturer and offer the good quality ink cartridge with much
lower price.