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Cone colour changing mug Released Date: 17/03

Cone colour changing mug,one of the new products. It contains 2 different sizes,17oz and 12oz. Our new machine Mug press machine(cone-shape) is just for the cone mug . We have the different size of the cone-shaped mug heaters attachment for the different size of mugs. Our Mug press machine(cone-shape) contains the cone-shaped mug heaters , maybe your are bored with the normal straight mugs, but

with this Mug press machin   e, it can takes you to print image even on non-standard mug shapes!

Color changing mug created by applying a coloured, heat sensitive coating to the outside of a Durham ceramic mug, which is then personalised using the dye-sublimation print process. When hot liquid is added, the heat sensitive coating becomes transparent revealing the printed image beneath, strong and bright. The colour of the mug changes to white when hot water pour in and the transferred image then appears . As the mug cools, the heat sensitive coating is restored to its original colour . If the image is printed on a dark coating, it is only faintly visible when the mug is cold. On lighter coatings, the image will be more visible.