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HEAT PRESS OF COATINGReleased Date: 03/05

  Life is not all fun ,and also has some bad moment …… 

  There are some new information I ‘ve learned recently ,now share with everybody about the heat press---how to coating . 

  This process maybe sounds quite complicated ,basis is that make sure the room is dust free &static electricity free to make sure the coating will be uniform enough on surface .Firstly ,spay it or soak it in the coating completely immersion ,take out the item &place in the room as I mentioned just now .Let it be dry for about 5hours ,then put it in side oven with 200degrees temperature ,baking for 10 mins ,then cooling . 

  Not everybody as friendly as you expected ,if you feel frustrated or depressed just because others upset you ,don't you think it’s non-sense even stupid ? Anyway ,having your own life and keeping progressing .