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No TitleReleased Date: 03/05

 Living in the big city seems too much stress .We get used to get up early ,running for catching the bus or metro just for one seat .We work hard even back home at the midnight almost everyday just for earning more money .
 Life is a pleasant journey ,but we never stop or slow our steps to enjoy the scenery along .We wander ,when we have to face the truth of life .We struggle ,because what we gain always unbalance as we paid . Even we are thinking about to give up our life once we are defeated .   Unconsciously ,we lose ourselves as time pass by .We though everything will be better if we change the job now we have or change one new place to refresh sth deep inside .Does it work ? I don't know .Anyway ,different people have different tastes .
 But one key point I ‘d like to emphasize ,pls pay attention to find a correct  role in the stage of life .Surely ,it’s not easy and will take much time to make it .But you know yourself better than others .Only you can save yourself .
 Know what you want ?love what you do….stop complaining ,and make every effort to achieve your dream .You will smile one day ,because you clear your way ahead &enjoy you life all the way ……..