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What Equipment Is Needed For Dye Sublimation Printing PrintersReleased Date: 05/05

Printers used for sublimation printing are those with Piezo electric print heads made by Epson. It works by means of a tiny crystal in the head that pulsates with a small electrical charge forcing droplets of ink onto the paper with virtually no heat being generated. This print head is fitted in all Epson desktop printers and many large format printers and is the only print head that will work for sublimation printing.

The thermal heads are found in 'bubble jet' printers like HP, Canon and Lexmark work by heating up the ink which when it expands forces a droplet of ink onto the paper. The problem with this type of print head for sublimation is that the heat affects the inks as they are forced through the head and the ink will accumulate inside eventually clogging the print head.

Dye Sublimation inks

sublimation ink are available in cartridges or as bulk supply systems for a range of Epson printers. We distribute the sublimation ink from “The Ink Jet Country” Korea - a tried and tested dye sublimation ink used by over 10,000 customers worldwide. Please see our inks page for full details of our range of supported A4, A3 and A2 printers. You need to set up a special profile on your computer system so that it prints the sublimation inks correctly. We supply full details of how to set up the color profiles on your computer and offer ongoing technical support.

Sublimation paper

Dye sublimation inks need a sublimation paper that allows the ink to remain on the surface of the paper but not absorb it. We offer a range of sublimation transfer papers - please see our paper page for more information. From A3, A4 to roll paper, we provide them.