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Diary Released Date: 05/05

Wednesday , April 20,2011, Sunny


   I’am a fresh employee here ,so I have to take time to get familiar with everything here. Well, Why did I choose to be a member of this company?

Our company is named Global Sublimation Technologe co.Ltd, specializing in Heat Press Machines,Sublimation Blanks ,Photo Crystyal,Corporate Gifts ,Personalized Gifts and so on .At first ,I was fascinated by the ornaments produced by our company .I am a so-called “little girl”, who are crazy for the lovely things no matter how old I am .Yes, I love the pretty things in the boutique shop .Every time I go to boutique ,I always take some pieces home and cherish them .

During two days in this company ,I learnd roughly the making process of these beatiful things. Such as the Colored Rim Mug , Flower Rim Plate, Creative balloon ,Aluminium Crafts,Photo Crystal Series and so on .They are all made by special equipments like Mug Press Machine ,Cap Press Machine , and other kinds of Heat Press Machines. Amazingly,some Combo Heat Press Machine can imprint on T-shirt, mug, plate,cap and so on ,which is convenient for changing heating elements and economy for printing.

When reading the catalog list,I was confused by the application of machine accessories and expendables.I wrote down the question on note book ,and during the break time ,I asked my colleague for help who explained it to me patiently.She told me that sublimation ink is used in pringting machine to print clear and vivid picture.While,the sublimation coating is used for ceramics and tiles to make them convenient for printing.Sublimation paper is used for the printing of mugs ,plates ,tiles ,ceramic ornaments ,photo slate ,metal board and so on .Concering pure cotton products,we choose transfer paper, there are dark transfer paper and light transfer paper .The former is for dark –colored pure cotton products, and the latter is for light-colored pure cotton products.As for the non-cotton products we use coated paper.I noted down and beared these knowledge in my mind.

Today has passed by ,but what I have acquired will live in my mind forever.

Tomorrow is moving on !