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DIY BalloonReleased Date: 03/05

     It ‘s windy today !Everybody walks fast ,browsing around fast ,even the trees &flowers are dancing fast……. 



      It ‘s quite natural that some one enter your life or exit your life .Maybe I just one of the passers-by in your life ,who knows ?



      We all know DIY balloons are perfect for parties ,wedding banquets ,special events etc .So ,how to make one unique balloon with me photo ?


1)    Set photo on the right size by photo shop (whatever ,you can make it )


2)    Put relevant DIY balloon ,printed directly


3)    Along the cutting line ,peel off &take out the balloon .


4)    Insert the plastic pipe by the right way .


5)    Blowing from the bottorn of pipe .



Thats finished !Now you can print simply whatever you want on our DIY balloons with an inkjet printer at home or in office…..



Amazing ?okay ,just do it !!